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    “We are implementers of business solutions"
    Remember we specialize in IT.
  • Engineering services and integrated
    Information Technology .
  • Together we will find the opportunity areas in your company.
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We bring the maximum add value to customers LSR. Meet Our Partner highest quality standards.

We're not learning, we know how to do it

Why to choose LSR?


Our consultants have over 15 years of experience in the business and each consultant has over 10 successful implementations. LSR staff is number 1 “in successfully apply” 4 of the 5 companies in Mexico using Sage CRM.


PFirst we know your company process, then we propose a solution. Thanks to this we implement the best solution and find new areas of opportunity post-implementation. Developers have adapted our operational and fiscal requirements of different accounting and administrative systems with great success.

Know how

Each partner has special processes that we understand and we adapt proactively to the requirements. We can say I've done, I've been in that situation

Our people Professionalism, Companionship, Honesty, Confidence, Excellence, Our greatest value

Our Experience


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Our goal is to provide the most value added to our customers with the highest standards of quality they deserve.